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What are WINGRIDDS and PCGRIDDS32???

WINGRIDDS is a Microsoft Windows 32-bit implementation of the DOS-based PCGRIDDS written back in the early 1990s.

PCGRIDDS32 is a 32-bit program, however, it is not a full Windows, ‘point-and-click’ GUI program. PCGRIDDS32 stands for Personal Computer based GRidded Interactive Display and Diagnostic System. WINGRIDDS is the full MS Windows compliant ‘point-and-click’ GUI version which stands for WINdows based GRidded Interactive Display and Diagnostic System. With the release of WINGRIDDS, PGRIDDS32 development has frozen and will not be enhanced or improved in any way.

WINGRIDDS/PCGRIDDS32 is a software package that allows the user to view meteorologically significant fields of gridded observation analysis and numerical weather prediction model output (GRIB files). The fields are displayed in either contour or vector format, whichever is appropriate for a particular field. This package also allows the user to extract a variety of information from numerous meteorological diagnostic parameters computed from the gridded data fields.

The flexibility of WINGRIDDS allows the package to meet the needs of users with a wide range of skills and requirements. The novice can quickly learn to display a wide variety of predefined products using the WINGRIDDS Menu system. More advanced users can develop specialized products to meet their individual needs using the programmable WINGRIDDS Command language, including the creation of customized menu options to meet specific user needs.

This page is, at the time, very basic and is my first try at Web authoring. This will be the central place where updates to WINGRIDDS are released so stay tuned!!  WINGRIDDS has been and will be freeware.

Thank you for your support and pass the word about WINGRIDDS!!!

Jeff Krob





This is something new...I am collecting money to purchase an upgrade to a software package I use in developing WINGRIDDS .  Up to this point, I have purchased the majority of the software development packages on my own with my own funds.

Please feel free to donate as you see WINGRIDDS has been beneficial to you. Remember, WINGRIDDS is FREEWARE!!!

Thank you for your support!!




WINGRIDDS v3.0 has been released!!!  See below the images for download information.

Here are some teaser screen shots of what WINGRIDDS can do...(click for full images)








FYI - Here is a zipped file many have asked for containing the command macros & color look-up-tables used to create some of the screen shots used above (Thanks Kevin McBride!!)

ScreenShot Macros

WINGRIDDS Version 4.0

This is the release of WINGRIDDS Version 4.0. This is a major release with many improvements over Version 3.  The WINGRIDDS Users Guide has a tutorial to guide you through the new operations. As you can see from the screen shots, there have been major additions to WINGRIDDS operations:

1) WINGRIDDS can display and animate Sounding (Skew-T, Telphigram & Stuve plots) and Hodograph plots of both model and observation grid-point data.

2) WINGRIDDS can process and display forward and backward Trajectories on both pressure and isentropic surfaces.

3) WINGRIDDS can process and display Ensemble Probabilities GRIB data from NCEPs SREF model.

4) WINGRIDDS can process and display native RAP (Rapid update Cycle) Hybrid-B surfaces.

5) WINGRIDDS can create BUFKIT data files on Station ID, Lat/Lon or Grid-point locations.

6) WINGRIDDS can display both the standard and Hi Rez NCEP-issued ASUS Frontal Position data files.

7) WINGRIDDS can perform real-time grid data interpolation for map projections of Lat/Lon, Lambert Conformal and Polar Stereographic and allows the user to create customized grid projections to map the data to.

8) The Observation ingest utility OBS2PCG32 will now ingest & process observation BUFR-formatted files which include METAR & Marine obs, Upper-Air RAOBs, NEXRAD VAD Winds, Profiler obs, Polar satellite and Geostationary satellite sounding obs, satellite-based cloud-track wind obs, QuickScat satellite surface winds, etc.


If you were not up-to-date with WINGRIDDS v3.0, it is best to just uninstall the WINGRIDDS version you have, download the complete installation & reinstall.  Of course, if you are a PCGRIDDS32 user or are new to the whole program, just download the complete installation file and follow the installation directions in the WINGRIDDS User Guide.

So give it a try and see the future of GRIB display and diagnostics!! 

WINGRIDDS Version 4.0 Complete Installation File

For those who either have WINGRIDDS v3 already installed *or* those who were participating in the Beta testing (THANK YOU!!), just download and unzip the WINGRIDDS 3.0 - 4.0 Update file and unzip it in the WINGRIDDS directory.

WINGRIDDS 3.0 - 4.0 Update

WINGRIDDS 4 Release Notes


WINGRIDDS Version 4.12a Update

This is the release of WINGRIDDS Version 4.12a Update. Please be aware that the WINGRIDDS v4.0 needs to be installed before installing v4.12a Update and v4.12a Update includes all files from the previous updates as well.

****NOTICE**** Version 4.12a has important changes, modification & fixes to the THREDDS Server GRIB download scripts in addition to all the previous changes. READ THE RELEASE NOTES!!

Unzip the WINGRIDDS v4.12a Update.zip file in the WINGRIDDS directory and please read the Release Notes.

WINGRIDDS v4.12a Update

WINGRIDDS v4.12a Release Notes


WINGRIDDS Beta Version 8.3

This is the release of WINGRIDDS Beta Version 8.3. This is the testing for the new release of WINGRIDDS Version 5.0. Testing is always important to weed out any bugs I may have introduced in the development process of adding new features and your help is *always* appreciated. To participate in the beta testing program, I as that you have a desire to go through & try out new features to see if they work and to ensure everything else works along with it. You will need to have the latest & greatest version of WINGRIDDS installed (v4.12). As always, if you come across a problem that you can repeat, please pass along *all* important information as to what you were doing when the error occurred and include a copy of the WINGRIDDS.LOG file so I can see what you were doing as well ;-) Also, as always... READ THE RELEASE NOTES!!

Unzip the WINGRIDDS Beta 8.3 Update.zip file in the WINGRIDDS directory and again, please read the Release Notes.

WINGRIDDS Beta 8.3 Update

WINGRIDDS Beta 8.3 Release Notes



WINGRIDDS Documentation

WINGRIDDS Documentation (online)

(If Needed)

Microsoft Installer 2.0 for Win 95, 98, ME

Microsoft Installer 2.0 for Win NT, 2000, XP




PCGRIDDS32 Version 3.3

PCGRIDDS32 V 3.3  is the last operational release of PCGRIDDS32.  This release, which is a culmination of the previous beta testing, incorporates two major improvements as well as many bug fixes.  The two improvements are 1) GRIB2 file processing for GRIB2PCG32, NGRB2PCG32 and NMOSGRB2PCG32 and 2) Ensemble GRIB processing for GRIB2PCG32 and NGRB2PCG32. Please read the release notes for details concerning these improvements as well as the listing of bug fixes.

To install the PCGRIDDS32 Complete file, download the zip file and, using Winzip or some other unzip program, unzip the file from the root directory on the hard drive which you wish to operate PCGRIDDS32 from.  While unzipping the file, the directory PCGRIDDS32 and all subdirectories will be created.

To install the PCGRIDDS32 Executable zip file, download the zip file and, using Winzip or some other unzip program, unzip the file from within the PCGRIDDS32 directory. 


PCGRIDDS32 V3.3 04-04-2007 Complete

PCGRIDDS32 V3.3 04-04-2007 Executables

PCGRIDDS32 V3.3 Release Notes

Hi Resolution Maps  (Restored!!!)


PCGRIDDS32 Utilities Update 01-10-2008

For all you die-hard PCGRIDDS32 fans out there, an updated version PCGRIDDS32 GRIB ingest utilities (NGRB2PCG32, NMOSGRB2PCG32 & GRIB2PCG32) is available. All of the GRIB ingest utilities have been converted to handle GRIB2.

On 01-08-2008, the NWS GRIB ingestor NGRB2PCG32 needed a quick bug fix for proper operation dealing with GRIB2 grid 003 (Global Lat/Lon) data being up-side-down. 

On 01-10-2008, the WAFS GRIB ingestor GRIB2PCG32 needed an emergency bug fix for proper operation dealing with WAFS GRIB2 messages which were less than 1000 bytes and causing the utility to crash.

 Download the PCGRIDDS32 Utilities file for the new version.

PCGRIDDS32 Utilities.zip





PCGRIDDS32 Documentation

PCGRIDDS32 Documentation (online)


Thanks to Mike Davison at NCEP International Desk for providing these Spanish translations:

Spanish PCGRIDDS32 Release Notes

Spanish GRIB2PCG32 Release Notes

Spanish NGRB2PCG32 Release notes


GRIB Files:

I'm sure this question "...where do I get GRIB files from?" will come up at some point.  Below are pointers to the various NWS/NCEP FTP Servers where NWS GRIB files can be downloaded.  For information concerning the GRIB file naming convention, go to:


For information describing the model datasets available on the NCEP and OOS (NWS) Servers, go to:











Search for a file name of  fh.###_tl.press_ar.octant*  where '###' is forecast hour and '*' is the octant letter (I-P)


Search for a file name of wafs_*_tHHz_intdesk###  where '###' is forecast hour,  '*' is the octant letter (I-P) and

"HH" is the model run hour.




Search for a file name of wafs_*_tHHz_ens###  where '###' is forecast hour,  '*' is the octant letter (I-P) and

"HH" is the model run hour.


Canadian Meteorological Center (CMC) GRIB Data

Here is the CMC Web site with detailed information on where to access Canadian Meteorological Center (CMC) GRIB data: http://www.weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca/grib

Grib data is available for regional, global and ensemble models. As of early 2010 datasets are in GRIB1. There are plans to eventually transition all datasets to GRIB2. 
Both GRIB1 and GRIB2 datasets can be viewed using WINGRIDDS using the helpful hints below. 

Helpful hints for viewing CMC regional, global and ensemble GRIB data with WINGRIDDS

(1) Once  WINGRIDDS is properly installed add the following lines:

036 RGL 
047 GLB 
071 CMC

to the content of the file c:\wingridds\GRIB\GRIBMODL.DAT

The number [036,047,071] is used the identify the Canadian [regional, global, ensemble] model.  I used RGL GLB and CMC here but you could use your own letters 
to describe these models.

(2) Add the following line

255 A CMC 

to the content of the file c:\wingridds\GRIB\GRID.DAT

(3) Put CMC GRIB data files into directory C:\wingridds\GRIB\NWS

(4) Start WINGRIDDS and using appropriate menus, decode the data into WINGRIDDS data format 

(5) Your CMC GRIB data should now be available for viewing. 

For CMC GRIB datasets only: If after having reading the user information at: http://www.weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca/grib you still require more information on CMC GRIB 
datasets, send an email to: production-info (at) cmc.ec.gc.ca 


Email Support:

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Jeffrey.A.Krob at noaa.gov

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